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Getting Started
What is www.hungama.com/slt?
www.hungama.com/slt is your one-stop entertainment shop. Here you can sample, select and download your favourite Music Tracks & Videos. Stream your favourite Movies, TV Shows, Kids Shows/Films, Short Films and Documentaries.
What all in entertainment will I find here?
Music tracks, videos, movies and online games. Just browse through our massive library of 3.5 million items from the best of Sinhalese & Indian entertainment (Bollywood). Category: Devotional, Regional - Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and much more.
Why can’t I preview the entire track / video?
You said it - because it's a preview! We've provided the preview feature so you can sample the track/video and be sure it's the one you're looking for. To enjoy full-length content, all you have to do is Register and Subscribe. Once you subscribe you can Stream and Download content.
What are the different types of movies available?
We have a wide variety of movies to select from right from Bollywood’s latest and ever greens to Hollywood movies, Telugu, Tamil and much more from Indian Regional as per genres.
Can I preview the movies before streaming?
Yes, movie trailers are available for maximum movies, just view quick snapshot of the movie before you select it for streaming.
What types of games are available to play on gaming section?
Hungama.com/slt is the best location to play flash games online. The website offers exciting and entertaining games in all categories and genres like Action, Cricket, Bollywood and Brainstorm and many more…
How many Games can I Play?
Currently, the site has 600+ (and counting) online flash games that you can play.
Are there any Multiplayer Games?
The Storefront has 40+ (and counting) multiplayer games. These games have a continuous inflow of players and you will always have someone to play with in the game rooms.
Are the games downloadable?
No, at this moment, you cannot download the games from the website. The games on the Storefront are currently browser based.
How do I know that the entertainment content I download from Hungama.com/slt is not illegal?
Hungama.com is the legal distributor of all the content available on Hungama.com/slt site. Be it the music tracks, videos, movies or games, all the content featured on Hungama.com/slt is being offered legally for your entertainment and downloading purposes.
Should I be concerned about any viruses or spyware?
You needn't worry about viruses or spyware coming out of Hungama.com/slt portal. We've taken every measure to ensure that only the best quality of Music, Videos, Movies and Game files are available on Hungama.com/slt. The website works out of a secure setup, and our team is constantly at work to ensure that the site is free from viruses and spyware.
How do I register on for the services?
Click on the Hungama Banner, on clicking you will be redirected to Hungama.com/slt. Registration link will be available on top of the page; simply fill in the form
Plan Details
Email id
Password and re-confirm password
Once the activation of your subscription is complete, you can begin streaming & downloading your favorite entertainment from Hungama.com/slt
Benefit: You can access Hungama.com/slt web, Hungama Music App & Hungama Play App with same Email Id and Password. So now there is no stopping from enjoying entertainment.
I submitted the form it gives me a message input new email id, why & what should I do?
You will get this message only in-case if you had registered in the past using same email id on Hungama.com platforms. To enjoy Hungama.com/slt benefits you need to register with alternate email id.
Is there anything I can do on the site without registering or signing in?
You can browse through the music tracks, albums and videos available. You can also listen to 30sec previews of music and video tracks. Not only that you can also free games. Also, you can watch available movie trailers.Once you subscribe you will have unlimited access, depending on the plan you opt for.
Once you register you will have unlimited access, depending on the subscription plan you opt for.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
No worries. Just click on Forgot Password. You will be requested to enter the email ID which you had provided that at the time of registration. We will email your new password on your registered email id. Post login request you to change the password.
Plans, Pricing and Payment
What are the subscription charges & what do I get in this plan?
We have different monthly plans designed for you. (Monthly Subscription)
  1. Movie Streaming for LKR 199/pm You get access to unlimited movies on portal
  2. Entertainment Plan for LKR 299/pm Unlimited music and video streaming & download Unlimited Movie Streaming Unlimited Games Access
  3. Gaming Café for LKR 130/pmUnlimited Game Access
  4. Pay per Movie (TVoD: Transaction Video on Demand)Premium Rental (TVoD) movies have 3 price points: LKR 75/LKR 99 per movie/LKR120/LKR150 Validity to stream a rented movie is 7days
Note: To ensure unlimited access to all the content you stream/ download via this plan, your Rental subscription will be automatically renewed each month and the subscription amount will be charged to your monthly SLT broadband statement.

Kindly note that as per fair usage policy your MP3/MP4 downloads are restricted to 100 tracks per month
I have purchased the Subscription Plan. Can I access ALL movies?
The Subscription Plan purchase allows access to unlimited plays of all Movies made available under Subscription Pack (SVoD) basis licenses obtained. However, the complete library available on the Hungama comprises Premium Rental (TVoD) movies as well. These Rental movies are NOT part of the Subscription pack for consumption and need to be purchased/ rented separately.
Where will my payment for the subscription/rental reflect?
The amount for your subscription/rental will reflect on your SLT broadband statement itself. So you don’t have to make any separate payments.
How do I unsubscribe from a plan?
To unsubscribe:
Visit Subscription Plan page on Hungama.com/slt
Click on Unsubscribe button
Details of existing plan will be visible, follow step & click continue
Share reason for Unsubscription and submit request.
(or) Please write to support.slt@hungama.com (or) call customer support toll free number 1800 209 7010 from Mon to Sat 9:00am to 6:00pm
Can I renew my subscription once I’ve stopped it?
YES, you can. To enjoy entertainment content once again please write to support.slt@hungama.com (or) call customer support toll free number 1800 209 7010 from Mon to Sat 9:00am to 6:00pm
My Account
Where can I see my Active Subscriptions?
Under your sign-in name, from the drop down select 'My Plans & Purchase History'. This section has a record of all your purchased items in the past & status of your Current Subscriptions.
What is 'Continue Watching'?
This helps you to continue watching the movie, TV Show or a short film that you could not complete due to any reason. You have an option to either Re-start or continue watching where you left.
Can I create playlists of the content of my own & where can I access it from?
Create as many playlists (song/videos) as you want. To access the same, Click on your sign-in name, from the drop down select 'Playlists' Playlists & play them on Hungama.com player.
Can anyone else access my Playlists?
Your Playlists are your own private collection of content. As long as you do not give anybody else your Hungama.com sign in details, no one else can access your 'My Account' Information.
Do I have unlimited access to the content in my MP3/MP4 downloads?
You can access your content library as often as you want to, by simply signing in and clicking on your sign-in Name.
Is there a limit to the number of times I can download each piece of content from my content library?
Any MP3/MP4 tracks can be downloaded a maximum of 3 times.
What is a Watchlist?
If you see trailer of any movie or if there is a TV Show or a particular episode of a TV Show that you think you might like, but don't have time right now. You can add it to the Watchlist. This will make it easier for you to surf the website & eliminates any need to re-search for the content you wish to watch.
What happens when I click on add to Watchlist?
When you click on 'Add to Watchlist' or click on the + sign on any poster (Movie/TV Show/Episodes), the content gets added to the Watchlist. You can access the same by going to 'My Account' under Watchlist.
Where can I view the items I have added to my Watchlist?
Just click on my account and go to my collection to view your Watchlist.
How is my Watchlist different from my cart?
Your cart is a list of all the items you want to buy on your current visit to the site. Your Watchlist is a list of items you watch or buy at a future date, not right away.
Why do I have to be signed in to view my Watchlist?
Your Watchlist is featured within my account, for which you need to sign in, so we can show you all information and lists which belong to you.
What is a playlist?
A playlist is a list featuring music tracks and full-length videos you have added while surfing the web. You can stream your playlists in the www.hungama.com/slt player.
How do I add music tracks and videos to my playlist?
While surfing www.hungama.com/slt, you come across a song or video that you like. Click on the 3 dots next to it & Select 'Add to Playlist'. It will prompt you to name the playlist. Kindly do so; this will help you to personalize your music further.
I want to edit my playlist. How do I do that?
Open the playlist you want to edit by clicking on it in my playlists found in my collection. Whichever tracks or videos you want to delete from the playlist, just click on the x against that track.
Can I add the same music track or video to more than one playlist?
You can add same music track or video to as many playlists as you like.
I have clicked on the heart on many tracks. Where do I access it from?
You have just started your 'My Favourites' section. By clicking on the heart you add the content to your favourites & can then access it from the drop down of your Sign-on Name.
You can favourite a single track, entire album, Videos, Radio Channel & Playlists (Music & videos)
I have followed a couple of artists, where can I see the list?
When you click on your Sign-in name, you need to select 'Followed Artists' from the drop down. This will give you the list of artists you are currently following.
Do I have to be logged in to follow any artist?
Yes, you need to be logged with your registered SLT-Hungama credentials or any of your social accounts to follow any artist.
I no longer want to follow a particular artist?
It's pretty simple; just check the Unfollow button against the artist & you will no longer be following that particular artist.
How do I change my email id?
Click on your Sign-in Name & select the Settings icon; you can now change your email id. This section will help you to change your Display Name as well.
How can I change my password?
Click on your Sign-in Name & select the Settings icon; select Change Password & follow steps.
My picture quality is not good, I want HD quality videos.
Click on your Sign-in Name & select the Settings icon; from Streaming Settings, select HD from the drop down for 'Movies & Videos'
You can also change the stream settings for Music from Low to HD.
What is Hungama Music & Play App?
The Hungama Music App is the ultimate music & videos App that gives you access to unlimited entertainment from a massive catalogue of Bollywood, International & Regional (Telugu, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Malayalam and others) music. This app lets you stream music for FREE & also give an option to pay and download unlimited music tracks & videos that can be streamed without data.

This is the first app EVER to offer its users a unique LOYALTY program. You can earn (and redeem) points every time you watch videos, play/share music, invite friends or even create playlists.
How can I download Hungama Apps?
Our Apps, Hungama Music & Play, are available on the Apple App store and the Google Play store.
Does one need to login to use Hungama App?
Not really! You don't need to login to enjoy Unlimited Entertainment on our Apps. However if you were to log in - either with your Hungama website credentials or Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you will be able to experience all the unique features of our Apps & personalize it as per your taste.
How can one login to Hungama App?
You can login using your SLT- Hungama website credentials to enjoy all the benefits of PRO membership.
What are the benefits of Registering or Login on Hungama Apps?
Logging into the Hungama App helps you:
a. Personalise: Share your favorite music, playlists, discoveries etc. with family & friends (social logins required)
b. Dual Access: You can access your favorite music, playlists, discoveries etc. on the Hungama Apps well as Hungama.com website
c. You can download your favorite music tracks and videos*
d. The ONLY way to earn points/ badges and redeem them against gratification is to login and browse the app

* Pricing is subject to change
What are the different options available on music & video sections?
Hungama Music is divided in following sections:

1) Downloads: This will store all your Downloads (Music & Videos) which can be streamed without internet. You can also stream the music stored on your device via this section.
2) Music: Stream the latest Music available on our App. You can also change the language preference on the App.
3) Radio: 100+ Radio stations for you to enjoy non-stop Music
4) Video: Music is good, Video is better. Enjoy HD quality music videos from this section
5) Discover: In a mood for party, feeling romantic? Just select your mood and the era and enjoy a unique music streaming experience.
What are the different channels available in the Radio section?
Hungama Music App has 2 kinds of radio - Live and On Demand
Live Radio channels include Hits in various languages, Romantic Hits, Dance Hits, Pop songs, Classics & much more. These are specially handpicked & programmed by team of music experts. On Demand gives you access to Hit Channels in various genre & era
What is the Discover section on Hungama App?
The Discover section helps you discover music based on your mood and preferred music taste. The search results can be further filtered by music era.
How to Search for any artist or a song on Hungama Apps?
Click on the search icon on the top bar, which will take you to trending list of popular searches. You can select from the list mention or type your search on the search text box. Also you can filter the search result by tapping on the left icon on the search text box and select one of the options available.
How is Hungama Play App different from Music App?
Hungama Play App gives you access to Movies, TV Shows, short films, Kids Shows/Films, Documentaries & short Fiction movies.

You also get an option to download your favourite content and stream it without internet, provided the download was complete.
How can one change the quality of music playout on the app?
The app comes with medium quality as default; however you can change this to high quality from the Settings Tab under My Play on the App Menu.
What Kind of content can I watch on Hungama Play App?
With Hungama Play App, you get to choose from over 7500+ movies and 1500+ hours of TV across English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali and other languages.
You also get access to 20000+ Videos along with 500+ short films.
How can one personalize the Hungama Apps?
It is recommended that you first login and use the app so that personal preferences are registered within the app. You can set your login credentials with Facebook, Google+ and the Hungama.com username/ password 
you get an option to select the language in which you would like to view or stream the content on both Apps
Audio & Video quality while streaming can be changed from the settings section of the Apps. We recommend you select "Auto" via settings as it will help to detect the network & stream as per the bandwidth.
How does one Search for music on the Apps?
Click on the search icon on the top bar, which will take you to a trending list of popular searches. You can select the search words from the list or type your keyword on the search text box.
I am a PRO user, but can't download Music. What do I do?
Just click on Contact Us and post your query, we will revert to you within 48 hours (or) send an email to support.slt@hungama.com (or) call customer support toll free number 1800 209 7010 from Mon to Sat 9:00am to 6:00pm.

On which music players will I be able to play my downloaded content?
You can play your downloaded content on almost every Media Player.
What do I need to install to play games on my system?
Most of the games on the website are flash based. The software requires to play these games are usually available in all desktop. Other than that, you would require a constant Internet connection. The speed of the connection should be more than or equal to 128 kbps. You may experience longer load times if you have an internet speed that is less than 64kbps.
Do I need any specific hardware to play the games?
No. You don’t need a Graphics card to play these games and you don’t need additional RAM to play the games on the website.

Contact Support
I have query/issues to report. Whom should I contact?
Just click on Contact Us and post your query, we will revert to you within 48 hours (or) send an email to support.slt@hungama.com (or) call customer support toll free number 1800 209 7010 from Mon to Sat 9:00am to 6:00pm.
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