Aaj Aur KalAaj Aur Kal

Aaj Aur Kal

1963   HINDI    U

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It's the story of a fastidious king Balbir Singh (Ashok Kumar) of Himmatpur, whose stern, high handed behaviour leads to a breakdown in communication with his four children; eldest daughter Hemalata, younger daughter Ashalata and sons Pratap and Rajendra. His intimidating commands lead to partial paralysis of Hemlata's lower limbs and also a simmering discontent amongst other descendants. After numerous attempts fail to cure Hemalata, the king hires a new doctor, Sanjay, who contrary to expectations, is not just young and handsome, but also against silly protocols that hamper laughter, fun and frolic. Dr. Sanjay's experimentations provide greater mobility and joy to the youngsters, giving them a fresh lease of life and a much needed voice of rebellion.


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