Badi Didi (1969)Badi Didi (1969)

Badi Didi (1969)

1969   HINDI    U

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Suren was a brilliant scholar of the University. His success in Mathematics in the final examination brought him fresh laurels and a hoast admirers. They all advised him to go to England for higher studies,but his parents could not hink of it. His step-mother was definetly against it. She had her own ideas about Suren.His step-mothers will prevailed. Disappointed at this decision and encouraged by his friends to seek for himself his own fortune,he lefthome.Fate however helped him to get in touch with affluent land holder-a widower with two daughters. The elder daughter Madhvi was young widow and the younger Primla was only a child. Suren gota a job as tutor to the little girl His helplessness,so well,known to his step-mother,was soon noticed by the mistress of the household-Madhvi. . To Madhvi,who after the death of her husband,was living with her parents,Suren became imperceptibly an object of sympathy.


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