Chal Dhar PakadChal Dhar Pakad

Chal Dhar Pakad

2011   MARATHI    U

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Vaitagwadi a small lost village, somewhere in Maharashtra. The village has a School but with no chalks for the black board, a Dispensary but with no doctors, villagers have land but in the name of Bhujangrao Patil. Sarpanch Bhujangrao Patil is very passionate about the game of Kabaddi, for which the entire village is under the sage of fear. If any one dares to go against him or refuses to obey his orders, Bhujangrao Patil declares a game of Kabaddi to an ill fated result. Bhujangrao Patil's wife Komal used to have the slimmest body before she got married. Today, Bhujangrao has replaced Komal with Champa as he hates even the sight of his obese wife. To regain her self respect and her rights, Komal takes a vow to challenge and defeat Bhujangrao in the game he is so proud of, Kabaddi.


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