Dulla Bhatti

2016   PUNJABI    UA

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Dulla Bhatti is the story of Daara (Binnu Dhillon) who has a step brother Zorawar (Dev Kharoud). Daara loves Noor (Aman Hundal) and wants to marry her. One day he learns the truth about his father's demise and the person who killed his father, Jagir Singh (Sardar Sohi). Jagir killed Daara's father and he wants to avenge his father's death. On the way he also learns that Zorawar, his step brother is the son of Jagir Singh. Will Daara avenge his father's death? Whose side will Zorawar take - Daara or Jagir Singh?



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Gud Nalo Ishq Mitha

Dulla Bhatti

Naina De Tare

Dulla Bhatti

Tere Wala Jatt

Dulla Bhatti

Badla Lena

Dulla Bhatti

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