2011   HINDI   

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The Story Set, Revolves Around A Shipping Factory Owned By Devanaiyagam (Sarath Babu), A Considerate Soul. However, His Son Rajanaiyakam (Suman) Exploits The Workers And Treated Them Like Animals. He Makes Life Hell For The Workers And Stops At Nothing, Even Goes To The Extent Of Killing Anyone Who Dares To Question His Authority. Egging Him On In This Evil Work Is His Lady Love, Sena (Namitha). Among This Group Of Workers Lives Arokyasami (Nasser) With His Wife (Khusboo) And Only Son Karki (Pa Vijay) Named After Maxim Gorky. When Arokyasami Is Killed By Rajanaiyakam, Karki Joins The Company And He Begins His War Against The Management By Motivating The Other Workers.


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