Kaliyuga RamayanaKaliyuga Ramayana

Kaliyuga Ramayana

2013   ORIYA   

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Watch the hilarious odiya comedy where Lord hunuman comes for a visit to planet earth from heaven in the 21st century & how he finds himself totally lost. But soon he finds a servant (sulu) who is very much disturbed in his life,he wants some magic in his life,so while he recalls lord Hanuman near a tree shed,Hanuman appears right in front of him,he gives him a blessing,due to which the servant becomes rich. He leaves his job & starts living in a bunglow. Looking at the sudden richness of the servant the employers of the servant bring in police,but the police also does not find anything wrong with the servant. A while later the employer's falls for the servant,due to which the employer gets angry & so does Hanuman. What happens in the end is what the cruz of Kali Yuga Ramayana. 


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