1987   HINDI    U

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Garage Mechanic Rajkumar lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay along with widower father,Shantidas. One day he is informed that his father has been arrested for robbing a jeweler. He goes to visit his father and finds that he has been hospitalized in Nanavati Hospital. The doctor informs him that chances of recovery are good. The next day,however,Shantidas passes away,and Rajkumar notifies the Police of foul play but they refuse to believe him. Rajkumar has a glove that was in his deceased father's hand,and with this he sets out to find his father's killer - not realizing that this will take him from Delhi,then to Bikaner and thereafter into a dessert where his efforts will be interrupted by an assorted group of gangsters,city folk,and gypsies on the hunt for an elusive treasure that is hidden in a mountainous cave.


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