Mangu dadaMangu dada

Mangu dada

1970   HINDI   

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Singh (KN Singh) is the leader of a gang involved in smuggling gold and other illigal activities. They would go to any extent to achieve their targets. During one of such activities Singh ends up killing Jeevan,a reporter,who was reporting his activities to police officer Sharma (Sheikh Mukhtar). CID officer Kundan (Sujit Kumar) starts spying on dance Mona (Meenakshi) who works in a hotel owned by Singh. With the help of Rita (Zeb Rehman) who is singh's niece and in love with Kundan,Kundan moves into the hotel to gather evidence. By then Singh gets to know of the activity and with the help of Mangu Dada (Sheikh Mukhtar) tries to turn table on entire police activiy. Mangu dada happens to resemble police office Sharma.


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