Moratodu Maa MoguduMoratodu Maa Mogudu

Moratodu Maa Mogudu

1995   TELUGU    U

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Revathi is a journalist,visits various villages and investigate to find any distinct stories to write the articles. In this process she visits a village and start enquiring the vilalgers to get stories to worth write in her articles. She get to know that there is a yound lady in the village and she never come out from the house since 7 years. Revathi get exite to know that,she want to know full story behind that. Revathi went to that house. They didn't allow her to talk to them. Revathi manages them to talk to her by promising,she fight for them to get justice. Rest of the story forms what the situations made that young lady to get bound to her house and how Revathi helped them.


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