Palnati PuliPalnati Puli

Palnati Puli

2004   TELUGU    U

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The villagers of Dongala Vanta are living by robbing travellers passing by their village.When the grandson of the village bigwig is born,the villagers hope that he will be Dongala Vanka's savior and name him Raghavulu (Vijaykanth).As a young boy,Raghavulu gets his cousin Shankara (Sampath Raj) thrown in prison after Shankara kills his own father for money.A grown-up Raghavulu fights for the village's improvement while being pursued by his uncle's daughter Susan.Meanwhile,Shankara is also back from prison and killing Raghavulu is his only goal.Rest of the story forms how Raghavulu helped his villagers by saving himself from Shakara.

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