Political WarPolitical War

Political War

1997   TELUGU   

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The story starts with murder of Himalaya Group of Chairman Vikram Jadeja for money of Rupees 200 Crore,DCP Alexander (Devan) catch the murderer.His laywer tires to prove that he is bind here comes the Special Pubilc Prosecutor Sharath Chandra (Suresh Gopi) who has enough talented to deal with any kind of case,defends the case and prove that culprit is not blind.Now the case get hard to find the money of Rs 200 Crore which is DCP fails to catch.On the other hand Bhatia is selected as Chairman in place of Vikram Jadeja under polical tricks,unexpectedly Mohan Prasad (Murali) will become the Chairman,The story tuns when Mohan Prasad arrested in a scam which he didn't do.Curx of the story forms how Sharath Chandra takes up his case and find the culprits behind the scam with help of Alexander.


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