Rab Ton Sohna IshqRab Ton Sohna Ishq

Rab Ton Sohna Ishq

2013   PUNJABI   

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Story of Rabb Ton Sohna Ishq is about Kiran and Sooraj's innocent love,who get aparted in childhood. Little Sooraj and Kiran are forcefully separated by Kirans elder brother Taskar bandookchi,who is a Don. Story advances 12 years,where the city Makdoompura is fully influenced with Mafia. Two groups in the city Bandookchi and Afeemchi are like bulls,who keep striking dere horns time to time. Taskar and Babban bandookchi are elder brothers of Kiran. Kiran has grown up n now is a collegiate.This love has made him a poet as well as a Gunda. A rare combination to be found. He gets his books published by the name Sooraj. But he never discloses his identity in public. Kiran is also a fan of Soorajs writings,but she doesn't know that he is the same sooraj,whom she loves from her childhood.One day they both meet by accident,Kiran happily tells this to his elder brother,and he asks her to call him to meet him at the temple.


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