2009   TELUGU    UA

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Child Simhachalam (Jeevan) comes to City with his mother in search of his father. When they get to the place,they see him living with another wife. In a hussle,he kills his mother and sends him outside to beg. He comes out with dead mother and an auto driver helps with all he has to cremate the body and gives some money and asks him to go back to his own city. But he gets caught with the corrupt police officer (Sampath Kumar) and was bought by him as a rowdy with the name Thoota. Thet used him for their jobs (which involved murder) and become commissioner.In one incident where he is asked to put acid on a girl Sravani's (Priyamani) face,he finds that girl to be the auto driver's daughter. He also comes to know that Sravani willing to become Police officer. Rest of the story forms how he become enemy to corrupter commissioner who raised him as rowdy and how he fulfiller Sravani's wish.

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