Zakhmi sherZakhmi sher

Zakhmi sher

1984   HINDI    A

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Honest and diligent Major Vijay Kumar Singh is called back from active duty to attend to the funeral of his mother. He declines as he has to be present on the front as well as inspire others. When he returns home,he grieves for his mother,and sets about finding a suitable groom for his unmarried sister. He finds out that Reshmi is in love with a male,and he goes to talk to this male's father. The father,Lala,agrees to the marriage,provided Vijay marries his mentally retarded daughter,Anandi. Vijay instantly refuses,but when he finds out that his sister is pregnant,he agrees to marry Anandi. Then circumstances force him to be a witness in two crimes - one an arson set deliberately,and the other about a drunk driver who crushes some people asleep on a city footpath. In both the cases,the Judge dismisses the matters. Confused and hurt by a system that is unable to punish the guilty,he ponders on what is going to happen to his country.


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