I Dig for Dirt Song Lyrics

Bugs Bhargava KrishnaAre there skeletons in your closet?
Are there ghosts from your past?
Are there secrets in your cupboard?
Do your nightmares truly last?

Are you a Peeping Tom?
Have you fudged a form?
Ever made a bomb?
Any money scam?
Incest in your fam?
Bought papers for your
Board exam?
Failed in IIT?
Are you OCD?
Wanted by CID?
Are you homophobic?
You claustrophobic?
Or xenophobic?
Ever been to jail?
Hacked someone’s mail?
Do you smoke up? Coke up?
Ever broke up, with someone’s else’s wife
In the middle of the night
And thought you got away scot free?


I’ll tap your phone
I’ll bug your home
A hidden cam
Inside your brain
A micro chip
In case you slip
I’ll set a trap
You’ll take the rap

You’ve got no hope
I’ve got the rope
I’m a telescope
I’m a periscope
I won’t hesitate
to seal your fate

I dig for dirt
I hunt for gold
If it’s nice and gory
its a better story
Your past and present
Make my future thrive
Are you that artiste
with the extra drive?

Do you fancy boys?
Cross dress at night?
Slept with your best friends guy?
Just pretend to be shy?
Don’t get me wrong
I’ve nothing against you
But your back story
is my front page news
Your troubled past
makes my present blast
It’s brutal, it’s tough
You might say, enough is enough

So come on all you moths
Come to my flame
This is your shot
Your shot at fame
To make a name
It’s no easy game
And the country waits for you

The Queen of sleaze
Is who I am

I dig for dirt
I hunt for gold
If it’s got juice
It’s front page news

Do you have the edge
To walk the ledge
You’re on the ride
Nowhere to hide
Have what it takes
To raise the stakes
Who’ll crack
Who’s going back
This is the time
This is the place
The contest starts
Who’ll win the race
The only rule
there are no rules

I dig for dirt
I hunt for gold
If it’s nice and gory
It’s a better story
Your past and present
Make my future thrive
Are you that artiste
With the extra drive?

You’ll never be at ease
Coz I’m the Queen of sleaze

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