EP 08  09  BeowulfEP 08  09  Beowulf

EP 08 & 09 - Beowulf

2016   |   English    


Herot,in the mirth and merriment of preparation,readies itself for Slean and Kela's wedding celebrations.Songs are sung,stories are told and mead is drunk,but will a deadly turn of events prove too much for Slean to bear? When some shocking secrets are revealed between the couple,they must decide if new loyalties are to be forged or irrevocably shattered.Meanwhile,a bounty posse arrive after Breca's blood so he can pay with his life for past crimes he's committed.Some dark truths of his past are learned during his brief trial,throwing his relationship with Lila and his friendship with Beowulf into peril.Beowulf,reeling from events,seeks comfort with Elvina and their relationship takes a more intimate turn.

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