EP11  The Mysteries of the African PharaohsEP11  The Mysteries of the African Pharaohs

EP11 - The Mysteries of the African Pharaohs

2001   |   English    
Travel & Adventure


Sudan is one of the world’s last frontiers.It’s a mineral treasure trove (unmined gold, uranium, oil) hobbled by a brutal history.It’s Africa’s largest country - it stretches from Boston to Key West - yet virtually all of its 33 million inhabitants have no electricity, no telephones, and no postal service.It’s also the scene of one of the longest ongoing civil wars ever played out.Once though this vast desert land was the home of an advanced & mysterious civilisation.An ancient kingdom that was the glory of Africa.A kingdom that once ruled Egypt.A kingdom known as Kush.David Adams travels down the Nile from Lake Nasser to Khartoum in search of the mysterious kingdom of pyramid builders and sun worshippers on a journey into the land of the Black Pharaohs.

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