EP2  The People of the FlameEP2  The People of the Flame

EP2 - The People of the Flame

2001   |   English    
Travel & Adventure


Iran is one of the earth's final frontiers.It's a country little visited by western travellers in recent years, yet it has been at the centre of world affairs for millennia.I wanted to take a peek “behind the veil” of modern-day Iran.What I discovered was a complex, incredibly hospitable people living in a much-misunderstood country at the heart of a troubled region.My journey takes me from the bustle of Tehran, via the Valley of the Assassins to ancient cities unchanged since Marco Polo first entered them eight centuries ago.But this isn't just a journey through an ancient landscape.It's a journey in search of one of the world's least known religious sects ...the ancient Fire Worshippers Of Yazd.

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