EP 11  1954 Alfa Romeo BAT 71954 Dodge Fire Arrow IVEP 11  1954 Alfa Romeo BAT 71954 Dodge Fire Arrow IV

EP 11 - 1954 Alfa Romeo B.A.T 7,1954 Dodge Fire Arrow IV

2011   |   English    


The unique 1954 Alfa Romeo B.A.T 7 has its roots in aerodynamic design,the wings at the back almost touching the points very much like a flying bat; this prototype was a styling and design exercise of coach company Bertoni,and built on the Alfa Romeo chassis. America's passion for “all things Italian” was burning brightly in 1954,and Chrysler was adding a little fuel of it's own with the 1954 Dodge Fire Arrow IV; its luscious body was hand crafted by famous Italian coach builder “Ghia”,but not before being penned by legendary automotive designer,Virgil Exner.

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