EP 12  1955 Alfa Romeo BAT 91955 Dodge Fire BombEP 12  1955 Alfa Romeo BAT 91955 Dodge Fire Bomb

EP 12 - 1955 Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 9,1955 Dodge Fire Bomb

2011   |   English    


This sleek spectacle of the 1955 Alfa Romeo B.A.T.9 captured the essence and the wonder of the 1950's fascination with the space race; its beautiful sculpted body was a creation of Italian Coach builder Bertone while The chassis was supplied by Italian carmaker,Alfa Romeo. By 1955 Transatlantic collaborations were commonplace,and the automotive industry is right in the mix,with the creation of the 1955 Dodge Firebomb: its body was sheer Ghia from Turin,Italy,and the engine and chassis was all Chrysler with the famous V8 Hemi engine.

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