EP 523  Sankha SinduraEP 523  Sankha Sindura

EP 523 - Sankha Sindura

2015   |   Oriya    


Mili belongs to a small village.Her loving and caring nature has made her loved in her circle.Her marriage is about to take place.Son of a rich family,Rishi comes to the countryside to do some photography and meets Mili accidentally.Mili’s would-be breaks the marriage over dowry issues.Eventually,good-hearted Rishi marries Mili to save her from broken-marriage blues.But the marriage was no solution! From the streets of her small village to the corridors of her in-laws’ huge building,it was quite a transition for Mili.Reluctance of her in-laws has been the greeting for her.Her relation with Rishi is no relation.Just for the heck of the bond,Mili continues to be in the house,as a member struggling for her identity.She has swallowed all the pain and radiated happiness.But the struggle is on.The mangalsutra on her neck and sindoor on her forehead have decked her appearance but not her life.

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