EP 07  Singhasan BattisiEP 07  Singhasan Battisi

EP 07 - Singhasan Battisi

2014   |   Hindi    


Singhasan Battisi is a famous Indian literary work about King Vikramaditya's magical throne and Raja Bhoj's quest to attain it.As soon as Raja Bhoj tries to sit on the throne,one of the 32 statues guarding the throne comes to life and narrates a story about the courageous,clever and just King Vikramaditya.This story narrated by Ravibhama shows Vikramaditya's qualities of courage and exceptional hospitality towards strangers.Watch this animated story to find out how the king saves a poor family from drowning in river,welcomes them to his palace,despite their indiscipline and lack of basic etiquettes and what happens when the king himself starts serving the guest family.

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