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Hungama Artist Aloud is India's leading platform for independent content and talent, since 2010. It manages an ecosystem that provides a variety of services, including acquisition, distribution, venue programming, talent management, and digital and event IPs, all dedicated to the non-film space. Celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, Hungama Artist Aloud has produced a number of properties and shows over the years that have empowered Independent Artists all over the world.

Indian Independent Music Awards

The only awards to celebrate Indian Independent Musicians. Discover the best Artists & releases. Celebrate the most outstanding new projects from self-released & Indie label talent across the Industry, handpicked by industry insiders & music fans from across the Nation.

IIMA 2nd Edition will recognize outstanding Indian talent, living in the Country or any other part of the world for their content released in India, either directly by the artists themselves or through labels.

★   Entries Opening From – 5th Jan’ 23

★   Last Date For Entries – 20th Jan’ 23

★   Consumer Voting Begins – 1st Feb’ 23

★   Last Date To Vote - 20th Feb’ 23

★   Jury Voting – 1st Feb’ 23

★   Grand Finale – 15th March’ 23

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