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What is is your one-stop entertainment shop. Here you can sample, select and download your favourite Music Tracks & Videos. Stream your favourite Movies, TV Shows, Kids Shows/Films, Short Films, Documentaries and Live Shows.
What kind of entertainment can I find on has all your fill of entertainment. Just browse through our massive library of more than 10 million + content pieces of Music, 5000+ movies & 1500+ hours of TV across English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali and other languages. Just take your pick from the best of Indian entertainment and much more.
Is there any limit on the number of items I can download from
Absolutely not; we believe entertainment has no limits, so why should someone limit your access to entertainment? The amount of items you can download depends on the kind of subscription plan you choose.
Do I need to be a member of to access the entertainment?
You don't have to be a member of to enjoy browsing and sampling all the music and video content available on the site. You can either sign-in with your Social account or create your Hungama id at the time of purchasing content.

Content Details & Specs
Is all the entertainment content (Music Tracks, Music Videos & Movies) on available for download?
Yes, you can purchase and download all the entertainment content (Music Tracks & Videos. Movies/TV shows can be downloaded on Hungama Play App) that are listed on the site under any of the given payment plans.
Can I preview the entire track before downloading?
You said it - because it's a preview! We've provided the preview feature so you can sample the track/video, Movies & TV Shows and be sure it's the one you're looking for before purchase.
Can I download a song more than once?
Yes, you can. We allow you to download the content you've purchased (Music Tracks& Videos) a maximum of three times.
Should I be concerned about any viruses or spyware?
We've taken every measure to ensure that best quality of music, music video and movies files are available on The site works out of a secure setup, and our team is constantly at work to ensure that the site is free from viruses and spyware.
If I find any inappropriate content on the site, what should I do?
You can report inappropriate content to us. Click the contact us link and fill out the form. Remember to select the subject as "Feedback". Our team will promptly look into this.
Are the audio and video files compatible with all music players on my pc?
Yes. The files available for download on the site are supported by almost all music players.
How do I subscribe to Movies on
To subscribe to movies, follow simple steps.
1. Select a movie of your choice
2. Select a purchase plan as per your preference
3. Make a payment & enjoy the movie in HQ.
Do I need to be a member for enjoying the Movies service on
Yes, to enjoy a movie streaming or downloads you need to register (you can also add your social account) on and select the price plan based on your preference in Movies. Once you have selected and purchased the plan, you can directly start streaming or downloading your selected movie.
Can I preview the movies before downloading/streaming?
Yes, movie trailers are available for most of the movie to view a quick snapshot of the movie before you select it for download.
What is streaming? How do I Stream a Movie on
Streaming gives you the option to watch movies online. Once you have selected the price plan you wish to opt for, just click on PLAY against the movie you wish to watch. Your selected movie begins to play directly on the screen. Streaming option allows you to watch your favourite movie directly without having to wait for the movie download to complete.

Can I be sure that the entertainment content I download from is not illegal? is the legal distributor of all the content available on the site. Be it the music tracks, videos, movies, TV Shows, short films, ringtones or mobile wallpapers etc. All the content featured on is being offered legally for your entertainment and downloading purposes.
Why should I pay for downloading entertainment content from when I can download it free from other sites? offers the latest and hottest content available on the entertainment circuit. We also ensure that the content you download from the site is of cd quality and is free of any viruses or spyware. And the content is priced so reasonably that it virtually costs you nothing to download all the content on the site.
This way, you are downloading all the best entertainment you can dream of, and that too legally.

What are the types of subscription plans available on
We always think of our users & have various combo plans that are light on pocket & heavy on entertainment. Check out the Combo plans below & subscribe the one that suits your needs from our Plans section on home page.

Plan Unlimited Movies & Videos Unlimited Entertainment Combo Offer Hungama PRO Music
1 month Rs. 257
Rs. 99
Rs. 249 Rs. 110
Rs. 99
3 months Rs. 771
Rs. 499
Rs.549 Rs. 330
Rs. 269
12 months Rs. 3128
Rs. 1499
Rs. 1999 Rs. 1320
Rs. 899

We believe nothing should come in the way of your unlimited entertainment access; hence your subscription plan will be auto-renewed at the end of your subscription period.
What will I get with Unlimited Movies & Videos?
With Unlimited Movies & Videos, you get access to:
* 5000+ Hollywood, Bollywood & Regional movies
* HD Quality Movies
* 500+ Short Films
* Unlimited movies from Subscription catalogue
* Ad-Free & Unlimited Downloads on Hungama Play App
Tell me more about Unlimited Entertainment - Combo Offer
If you love Music & Movies, this is the Best Subscription Plan for you. You can access Unlimited downloads for Music but also enjoy Unlimited movie downloads. You get the following with this Amazing Combo Offer:

* 5000+ Hollywood, Bollywood & Regional movies
* HD Quality Movies
* Download Songs & Videos
* 10 million + songs and music videos in 13+ languages
* High Quality Music
* Unlimited downloads on Hungama Music & Play App
What will I get with Hungama PRO – Music?
With Hungama PRO-Music, you get access to:

* HD Quality Music
* 10 million + songs and music videos in 13+ languages
* Unlimited Downloads on the Hungama Music app
* Ad-Free Experience on the Hungama Music app
* Use your subscription on up to 5 devices. Share it with close friends & family
Do I have to choose separate subscription plans for pc and mobile downloads?
No, the same subscription plans apply for both pc and mobile downloads. All you have to do is mention your mobile number while registering through the website.
I'm very selective about the content I download. What plan do you recommend?
If you'd like to pick just one item at a time, choose single download. If you are likely to go for more than one item over time, you can go for the value pack plan.
I like downloading all the entertainment content I can get my hands on. What plan do you suggest I should go for?
If you can't resist downloading from the huge library of content available on, then go for the unlimited downloads plan. With this plan, you can download the entire library of music tracks, videos, movies & much more on
How do I continue to enjoy unlimited access via my unlimited entertainment pack?
We believe nothing should come in the way of your unlimited entertainment access. For this purpose, when you choose an unlimited downloads plan, you will pay for this plan the first time and your payment details will be stored by us.
If you have used Credit Card to make a payment, then the plan will be auto-renewed automatically. We will send you email intimation deduct money from your Credit Card so that you can enjoy uninterrupted access to your purchased content.
Can I hold multiple plans at the same time?
Yes, you can hold an unlimited downloads plan, a value pack and single download all at the same time. You can even hold more than one value pack at a time, but you can have only one Super Value Pack Plan & unlimited download plan at any given time.
Can I change my plan before I pay for the content?
Sure you can. When you're on the shopping cart page, just choose the price plan which best suits your requirement. Only when you're sure that you're opting for the right price plan, that's when you should click on proceed to payment.
Tell me more about the Super Value Pack Plan?
Super Value Pack enables you to download 99 items at Rs. 99/- i.e. per item cost Re.1. This can be a mix of music tracks & videos. This can be done all at one time, or some now and some on your following visits to but within a validity period of 30 days.
I have subscribed to Hungama PRO – Music, do I have to choose separate subscription plans for PC and mobile downloads?
No, the same subscription plans apply for both PC and mobile downloads, provided the plan should to be purchased only through Web. All you have to do is mention your mobile number while registering through the Hungama website. Only WAP Users cannot subscribe for this pack.
I have opted for Hungama PRO Music Streaming Plan and now I want to change it to Unlimited Entertainment Combo Offer. How do I change my plan?
You can most certainly opt for another plan; however once you sign up for Unlimited Entertainment Combo Offer, your Hungama PRO Music Plan will end. Your new plan will start from immediate effect.
How do I continue Streaming after my Subscription expires?
If you have saved your payment details during your last purchase, your subscription will be auto -renewed for you to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.
If you haven't saved your payment details, your subscription will automatically lapse post expiration date & you'll have to re-subscribe to the plan.
How to Use
What are the various categories of downloadable items I can find on
You can find full length music track, videos & movies to download under Bollywood, instrumental, regional, miscellaneous, Indi pop, Ghazal's and devotional categories. We provide downloadable content in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali and other languages.

You can download Movies/TV Shows on Hungama Play App & carry your content wherever you want.
What can I find under Top Albums?
Top Albums will list out the Albums that are currently most accessed and downloaded by site users.
What can I find under Hot Now?
Hot Now will list out the latest movies available on our website.
What can I find within 'Similar Albums'?
Items under 'Similar Albums' are those which we think you should check out, based on how you've been surfing and experiencing This way, we introduce you to music albums which fall within your preferences.
I cannot find songs in my language.
On the home page, click on 'Choose Language' & from the drop down select language of your choice. This will be saved as your preference unless you change it.
Where can I find the Top 10 hottest music tracks?
You can check out ‘Top Charts’ on the home page to check the current hits & playlists. The Playlist always include the Top Charts of the week.
How do I rate a Movie or a TV Show?
Just click on the poster of Movie or the TV Show you wish to rate & click on the Star which says Rate this Movie/Rate this Show. Click on the appropriate star rating you want to give from 1 to 10 where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest.

Note: You have to be registered and logged in to rate any Movie or TV Show.
What happens when I click on the play icon next to a music track or video?
You will be able to enjoy a 30-second preview sample of the music track or video, when you click the play icon next to it. You can enjoy full length songs selected labels when you are online for free.
Why can't I hear the full track or watch the full video when I click on play?
We make sure you enjoy the best possible 30-second preview sample of the music track or video for which you click play to hear the full track or watch the full video, all you have to do is click on the Plans section of the Home page. Select the one that suits your needs & proceed to make a payment. Once the payment is done, you can enjoy the full-length version of the track on your PC or handheld device.
What happens when I click on a track title, or a video title?
You are taken to the page which offers you more details on that particular track, video or wallpaper, along with the option to download it.
How can I buy content on the website?
If you find any interesting music tracks, videos, Movies, TV Shows, Kid Shows/Movies you need to click on the content & you will get an option to select plan and make a payment.
Why am I asked to choose a price plan when I click on Download icon?
We have a variety of plans that are priced differently. You can either go with single download or the value pack as per your preference.

We also offer Combo offer for Music & Movies Subscription. Check out the Plans section n on the website to get more information & select the one that suits your need.
I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
No worries. Just click on 'Forgot password' on the sign in page. You will be requested to enter your registered email id. Your password will be sent to you via email
How long does it take for newly released movie to feature on
Newly Released movies will be available on as soon as Hungama acquire rights to digitally distribute the movie.
What is the typical download speed for a movie download?
You can download a movie on Hungama Play App. The download actually depends on your internet connection. Faster your connection, faster will be the download.
Where can I find the New Movies added on the website?
Just Arrived movies on can be found under ‘Hot Now’ section of the Movies Page.
Where can I view movies of a particular actor?
Just do a quick search of the artist and you will find all the content available for that particular artist on our website.
If I want to know details of a particular actor, where will I get it?
You can go the Artist section on the left menu of our Home page & visit their profile page. You have an option to follow the artist as well.
Where will I get to know movie reviews?
Click on the movie you wish to read a review of, it will give you both the critic and member reviews for that movie.
What does the movie rating indicate?
Movie Rating shown is the average rating of critic review & members review.

How do I become a member on
Click on the icon next to Plans & Select Register. You have an option to either register to Hungama with your email id or select your social (Google+ or Facebook) for instant registration.
Why do I need to register on believes in offering you a stress-free entertainment experience. So, even as a newcomer to the site, you can always browse the content before you decide to Register. You only need to sign in with just your email id when you have decided on the content you wish to buy.
Is there anything I can do on the site without Registering or signing in?
You can browse through all the content available on the site, enjoy previews of all the music tracks and videos, view artist profiles and check out the top 10.
Do I need my password to sign in the first time I sign up on
The first time you sign up on, you are automatically logged in to the site. will mail you a temporary password to the email id you have provided for your future visits to the site.

Download queries
Once I select the plan than, how do I download the content?
Once you complete payment for your items, it will lead you to a page confirming your order.

Your MP3/MP4 downloads will start automatically on your desktop. For Unlimited Offline downloads (Music) you need to download Hungama Music App on your mobile.

For Unlimited Offline downloads (Movies) you need to download Hungama Play App on your handheld device.
Why can't I download my mobile wallpapers on my computer?
Your mobile wallpapers are meant only for mobile download and can be done via our WAP site.
Can I download any music track or videos as often as I want to?
You can download each purchased item a maximum of 3 times.
Can I listen / watch all my downloaded content anywhere on the site?
MP3/MP4 tracks can be streamed on your device player or your PC.

For Unlimited Offline downloads (Music) you need to download Hungama Music App on your handheld.

For Unlimited Offline downloads (Movies) you need to download Hungama Play App on your handheld device.

Coupon Codes
What are E-coupons?
E-coupons may be distributed by or its affiliates during various promotional activities or events. E-coupons make you eligible for a one time free purchase of items or Subscription on
I have an E-coupon. How do I use it?
Click on Plans, there is an option to enter E-coupon details on top of the website. The E-coupon will allow you to make free purchases of items limited to the cost of the items selected or get a Free Subscription for the time period specified on the E-coupon.
I am getting an error while entering the E-coupon number.
Please check the validity period of the E-coupon. If the validity has expired, it will show you an error on entering the E-coupon number. If the E-coupon validity is intact and you continue facing this error then please contact us.
Payment Options
Where will my payment for the subscription reflect?
We have a host of convenient payment options available:

1. Credit/Debit Card
2. Net banking
3. Coupon Code
4. Redeem with Coins
Which credit cards can I use?
We accept all major Credit Cards and Banks for Net banking

If you wish to auto-renew your subscription for hassle free uninterrupted access to your downloaded content, then kindly use a Credit Card for subscription.

Is it safe to use my credit card / debit card details on your site?
You need not worry. is concerned about the safety and security of your information. You can safely enter your entire credit / debit card number to make payments via our secure server which encrypts all the submitted information. We have put a number of technological safeguards in place to ensure that our payment transaction process is extremely safe and that your information is secure. This is powered by Pay U (erstwhile Citrus Pay)
Where I can find out the reason for a declined payment?
To protect your security and privacy, your transacting bank is unable to provide with information on your declined payment. Please get in touch with your bank for further details.

In the meantime, you can purchase your selected items through any of the alternate modes of payment available.
How do I make a re-payment?
In case your transaction is not successful, you can continue to purchase your selected items through an alternate mode of payment.
Which bank do I need an account with for net banking payment?
We accept payment via all major banks.
How do I use net banking as a mode of payment?
Follow these simple steps to pay through net banking:

1. On the payment option page, select the internet banking tab.
2. Select your preferred bank from the dropdown list available.
3. Click on 'make payment' which will guide you to your bank's secure payment transaction screen.

You maybe be requested to enter details like your net banking user id and password through your bank, so do keep this information ready with you. Once you complete the transaction, you will be redirected to the website. You can then begin download of your purchased items.
I don't remember my net banking pin. What do I do?
Your net banking pin is a secure password provided by your bank for making internet payments. Please contact your bank to get a new net banking pin. In the meantime, you can purchase your selected items through an alternate payment mode.
I got an error while making the payment. How do I know if the payment was successful?
When you get any kind of error while making payment, just click on my account and check the transactions tab. If you see the items purchased against that particular order number displayed on this screen, it means that the payment was successful & you can now download the content you have purchased.

If not, then the amount has not been deducted from your account. You can go to your shopping cart and make payment for the items you want to purchase.
What is a CVV number and where can I find it?
All the credit & debit cards carry a CVV / CVC / IPIN number which you can locate at the reverse of the card:

1. Visa / MasterCard have a 3 digits CVV / CVC number.
2. AMEX card carries a 4 digit IPIN number.
Why is my credit card number saved?
Your credit card number is kept strictly confidential just between you and Pay U Payment Gateway. It is saved for your convenience and quick shopping experience, so that you do not have to enter all the details during your next purchase on
Can any other user view my credit card details?
Absolutely not! Your credit card details are stored on a secure server in encrypted format for your convenience during future purchases on the website. Pay U & assures you that your card details will be maintained with utmost confidentiality and will not be compromised or shared with any third party.
What is verified by visa or MasterCard secure code?
Verified by visa or MasterCard secure code is a way to add safety when you shop online. Adding a password to your existing Visa / MasterCard, verified by visa or MasterCard secure code ensures that only you can use your Visa / MasterCard online. It's easy to activate for your existing Visa / MasterCard, and it's free.
How does the online credit card verification (visa / MasterCard) work?
For an existing verified by Visa or MasterCard secure code cardholder, on entering your visa / MasterCard number, you will be redirected to your credit card issuing bank page where you can enter your authentication password and proceed with the payment. Your transaction will be successful once the authentication is declared successful.

if you have not already registered for verified by visa or MasterCard secure code, on entering your Visa / MasterCard number, you will be redirected to your issuing bank page where you will be requested for one or more the following fields of information:
- Card number
- ATM pin
- Expiry Date
- Email id

Once the information entered is verified and successfully authenticated, you will be redirected to register a new password for verified by Visa or MasterCard secure code authentication. This password can be used for your future verified by Visa or MasterCard secure code transactions. Your transaction will be successful once the authentication is declared successful.
What is authentication?
Authentication is an additional verification carried out by your credit card issuing bank where you are requested to provide additional security verification details, which are not mentioned on your card. This ensures that only you can use your Visa / MasterCard for online transactions.
Can I register with my existing Visa / MasterCard or do I need to apply for a new one?
You can register any Visa / MasterCard to be protected by verified by Visa / MasterCard secure code as long as your card issuer offers this service.
After I register, how long does it take for verified by Visa / MasterCard secure code to become active for my card?
The added protection of verified by Visa is available as soon as your card issuer confirms that your registration is successful. With many issuers, this is done instantly while you are in the process of shopping so you can benefit from the security of verified by visa immediately.
What if I forget my verified by Visa / MasterCard secure code pin?
If you forget your pin, you should contact your card issuer customer service to reset your password. Check with your Visa / MasterCard issuer for details.
Where can I find history of my purchase?
Sign-in with your registered e-mail id & password & click on 'My Plans & Purchase History'. You will find the list of Active Subscriptions & the one you have purchased in the past.

How do I stop my subscription?
To stop your subscription, Goto My Plans & Purchase History from Menu.
Can I renew my subscription once I have stopped it?
Sure, you can. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

1. Sign in with your existing email id and password
2. Choose the content you want to purchase.
3. Select your plan.
4. Select your payment option and make payment.

Once the payment made is successful, you can begin downloading your favourite entertainment.
My Account
Where can I see my Active Subscriptions?
Under your sign-in name, from the drop down select 'My Plans & Purchase History'. This section has a record of all your purchased items in the past & status of your Current Subscriptions.
What is 'Continue Watching'?
This helps you to continue watching the movie, TV Show or a short film that you could not complete due to any reason. You have an option to either Re-start or continue watching where you left.
Can I create playlists of the content of my own & where can I access it from?
Create as many playlists (song/videos) as you want. To access the same, Click on your sign-in name, from the drop down select ‘Playlists’ Playlists & play them on player.
Can anyone else access my Playlists?
Your Playlists are your own private collection of content. As long as you do not give anybody else your sign in details, no one else can access your 'My Account' Information.
Do I have unlimited access to the content in my MP3/MP4 downloads?
You can access your content library as often as you want to, by simply signing in and clicking on your sign-in Name.
Is there a limit to the number of times I can download each piece of content from my content library?
Any MP3/MP4 tracks can be downloaded a maximum of 3 times.
What is a Watchlist?
If you see trailer of any movie or if there is a TV Show or a particular episode of a TV Show that you think you might like, but don't have time right now. You can add it to the Watchlist. This will make it easier for you to surf the website & eliminates any need to re-search for the content you wish to watch.
What happens when I click on add to Watchlist?
When you click on 'Add to Watchlist' or click on the + sign on any poster (Movie/TV Show/Episodes), the content gets added to the Watchlist. You can access the same by going to 'My Account' under Watchlist.
Where can I view the items I have added to my Watchlist?
Just click on my account and go to my collection to view your Watchlist.
How is my Watchlist different from my cart?
Your cart is a list of all the items you want to buy on your current visit to the site. Your Watchlist is a list of items you watch or buy at a future date, not right away.
Why do I have to be signed in to view my Watchlist?
Your Watchlist is featured within my account, for which you need to sign in, so we can show you all information and lists which belong to you.
What is a playlist?
A playlist is a list featuring music tracks and full-length videos you have added while surfing the web. You can stream your playlists in the player.
How do I add music tracks and videos to my playlist?
While surfing, you come across a song or video that you like. Click on the 3 dots next to it & Select 'Add to Playlist'. It will prompt you to name the playlist. Kindly do so; this will help you to personalize your music further.
I want to edit my playlist. How do I do that?
Open the playlist you want to edit by clicking on it in my playlists found in my collection. Whichever tracks or videos you want to delete from the playlist, just click on the x against that track.
Can I add the same music track or video to more than one playlist?
You can add same music track or video to as many playlists as you like.
I have clicked on the heart on many tracks. Where do I access it from?
You have just started your 'My Favourites' section. By clicking on the heart you add the content to your favourites & can then access it from the drop down of your Sign-on Name.
You can favourite a single track, entire album, Videos, Radio Channel & Playlists (Music & videos).
I have followed a couple of artists, where can I see the list?
When you click on your Sign-in name, you need to select 'Followed Artists' from the drop down. This will give you the list of artists you are currently following.
Do I have to be logged in to follow any artist?
Yes, you need to be logged with your registered Hungama credentials or any of your social accounts to follow any artist.
Why should I follow any artists?
When you follow a particular Artist, you will receive an email & notifications as and when the said artist has a new release on our App.
I no longer want to follow a particular artist?
It's pretty simple; just check the Unfollow button against the artist & you will no longer be following that particular artist.
How do I change my email id?
Click on your Sign-in Name & select the Settings icon; you can now change your email id. This section will help you to change your Display Name as well.
How can I change my password?
Click on your Sign-in Name & select the Settings icon; select Change Password & follow steps.
My picture quality is not good, I want HD quality videos.
Click on your Sign-in Name & select the Settings icon; from Streaming Settings, select HD from the drop down for 'Movies & Videos'

You can also change the stream settings for Music from Low to HD.

My Transactions
I have a question about one of my transactions listed here. Who do I ask?
You can click on contact us and post your query. Our customer support will revert with a response within 2 days.

I have a complaint/suggestion to make. How do I send it across?
You can click on contact us and post your query. Our customer support will revert with a response within 2 days.
How large is an audio file?
Depending on the length of the song the audio file can range from 3 MB to 10 MB.
How long does it take to download any content?
The time taken for the content (music/video/movie/TV shows) you selected to download is dependent on your internet connection.
Do I need an internet connection to listen to the songs?
You will need Internet connection to stream songs when you are online. Once you download songs/videos you can play them without internet connection.
Can I play full track mp3s on my mp3 player?
Yes, you can play full track mp3s on your mp3 player when you have purchased them through a single download or value pack plan.
Can I download a song more than once?
Yes, you can download the same item that you have purchased a max of 3 times.
My download is showing as Complete, but I only have a portion of the song.
Please attempt a re-download for the same song, it will work. If the issue still persist then just click on contact us and post your query. Our customer support will revert to you within 24-48 hours.
I can't view or play some of the content on the site. Is there something I need to install?
It is possible that you may not have adobe flash installed on your system, which is required to view and play a lot of content on the website as well the player. Too install adobe flash on your system, click here.
I am having trouble downloading. Can you help me?
Sure, just follow the below steps:

1. Select the item you wish to download
2. Sign-in with your social account or register to, this helps us to check if you're an existing member of our site or a first-time user. If you're an existing member of our site, you will be prompted to enter your password. If you're a first-time user, we register you automatically when you enter your email id or mobile number.
3. Proceed to the payment section. Once the payment is successful, you can start downloading your content.

If the problem still persists, just click on contact us and post your query. Our customer support will revert to you within 24-48 working hours.
What if my download fails while the file is downloading?
Please attempt a re-download for the same song, it will work. If the problem still persists, just click on contact us and post your query. Our customer support will revert to you within 24-48 working hours.
My credit / debit card number is not being accepted. What can I do?
When your credit / debit card number is not being accepted, please check the following:

1. Ensure that the 16 digits of the credit / debit card are entered without any spaces.
2. Re-check the expiry date of the credit / debit card.

Now, make a payment for the selected items with the appropriate details. If it still doesn't work, you may check with your issuing bank for further details.

You can also complete the payment through an alternate mode of payment available.
Can I stream a movie more than once?
Yes. You have access to unlimited streaming of movies for a month as per your subscribed plan.

Premium movies are to be purchased separately. Once purchased you can stream it multiple times in a 3 day span.
Do I need to be online to watch a movie?
You can watch the movies offline on Hungama Play App; provided the movie has been downloaded completely onto your device.
Can I watch movies on my handset?
Yes, you can watch movies on your handset. All you have to do is download Hungama Play App & sign in with your Hungama credentials.
App FAQ's
What is Hungama Music & Play App?
The Hungama Music App is the ultimate music & videos App that gives you access to unlimited entertainment from a massive catalogue of Bollywood, International & Regional (Telugu, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Malayalam and others) music. This app lets you stream music for FREE & also give an option to pay and download unlimited music tracks & videos that can be streamed without data.

This is the first app EVER to offer its users a unique LOYALTY program. You can earn (and redeem) points every time you watch videos, play/share music or even create playlists.
How can I download Hungama Apps?
Our Apps, Hungama Music & Play, are available on the Apple App store and the Google Play store.
Does one need to login to use Hungama App?
Not really! You don't need to login to enjoy Unlimited Entertainment on our Apps. However if you were to log in - either with your Hungama website credentials or Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you will be able to experience all the unique features of our Apps & personalize it as per your taste.
How can one login to Hungama App?
You can login using your Hungama website credentials or use your social account (Facebook, Google+)
What are the benefits of Registering or Login on Hungama Apps?
Logging into the Hungama App helps you:
a. Personalise: Share your favorite music, playlists, discoveries etc. with family & friends (social logins required)
b. Dual Access: You can access your favorite music, playlists, discoveries etc. on the Hungama Apps well as website
c. You can download your favorite music tracks and videos*
d. The ONLY way to earn points/ badges and redeem them against gratification is to login and browse the app

* Pricing is subject to change
What is the Loyalty and Gamification feature?
With a unique loyalty program, the app rewards you for every action on the app. You can earn points every time you watch videos, play/share music or even create playlists. Once collected, the points can be redeemed to download music, videos & watch online movies.

On the Android Platform song and video downloads can be done via the app. On the iOS platform, all redemption can be done via
What are the different options available on music & video sections?
Hungama Music is divided in following sections:

1) Downloads: This will store all your Downloads (Music & Videos) which can be streamed without internet. You can also stream the music stored on your device via this section.
2) Music: Stream the latest Music available on our App. You can also change the language preference on the App.
3) Radio: 100+ Radio stations for you to enjoy non-stop Music
4) Video: Music is good, Video is better. Enjoy HD quality music videos from this section
5) Discover: In a mood for party, feeling romantic? Just select your mood and the era and enjoy a unique music streaming experience.
What are the different channels available in the Radio section?
Hungama Music App has 2 kinds of radio - Live and On Demand
Live Radio channels include Hits in various languages, Romantic Hits, Dance Hits, Pop songs, Classics & much more. These are specially handpicked & programmed by team of music experts. On Demand gives you access to Hit Channels in various genre & era
What is the Discover section on Hungama App?
The Discover section helps you discover music based on your mood and preferred music taste. The search results can be further filtered by music era.
What is an Upgrade? How does one upgrade their app?
Upgrade means moving up to a PRO version of Hungama App, which lets you download unlimited content for Offline Streaming, view full-length music videos and have an ad-free streaming experience.

More features are available on the premium version, as compared to the free version. You can choose from our many subscription options which are easy on the pocket & heavy on the entertainment.

We also give our users an option to redeem coins for Subscription.
How do I 'Unsubscribe' from my premium membership?
Android: If you have made a payment using Google Wallet, then please click on the link below & follow steps:

For Apple users please click on the below link & follow steps:

Customers who have used Other Wallets need to check the respective settings within your wallet & unsubscribe accordingly.
How to Search for any artist or a song on Hungama Apps?
Click on the search icon on the top bar, which will take you to trending list of popular searches. You can select from the list mention or type your search on the search text box. Also you can filter the search result by tapping on the left icon on the search text box and select one of the options available.
How is Hungama Play App different from Music App?
Hungama Play App gives you access to Movies, TV Shows, short films, Kids Shows/Films, Documentaries & short Fiction movies.

You also get an option to download your favourite content and stream it without internet, provided the download was complete.
How can one change the quality of music playout on the app?
The app comes with medium quality as default; however you can change this to high quality from the Settings Tab under My Play on the App Menu.
How can one personalize the Hungama Apps?
It is recommended that you first login and use the app so that personal preferences are registered within the app. You can set your login credentials with Facebook, Google+ and the username/ password 
you get an option to select the language in which you would like to view or stream the content on both Apps
Audio & Video quality while streaming can be changed from the settings section of the Apps. We recommend you select "Auto" via settings as it will help to detect the network & stream as per the bandwidth.
How does one Search for music on the Apps?
Click on the search icon on the top bar, which will take you to a trending list of popular searches. You can select the search words from the list or type your keyword on the search text box.
I am a PRO user, but can't download Music. What do I do?
Click on contact us and post your query. Our customer support will revert to you within 24-48 hours.
How to use PROMO CODE for Hungama play?
1. Install Hungama Play App and register on the app
2. Go to user profile
3. Click "Subscribe" button
4. Under payment option, select e-coupon
5. Enter the voucher code
6. The coupon code is case sensitive

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