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Hungama is a one-stop solution that answers to all your entertainment needs. You can watch Movies, Short Videos, and TV shows.Listen to your favorite songs,radio stations, and Podcasts, and attend Live Digital Concerts as well.

Simple! Just head over to Google Play Store or iOS app Store and download the app. If you’re a new user, create an profile to get started. If you already have an profile, just log in with the same credential as always. In case you are using the web, all you need to do is select your favorite song and start playing. To get the most out of Hungama, we recommend you to login into your profile. You can also download the Hungama application by tapping 'Get app' and scanning the QR code from your camera.

You will find all your favorite songs, podcasts, movies, and short videos. You can also attend live digital concerts in Hungama. Wait! there is more Hungama gives you different types of playlists based on your mood and past listens so you can enjoy what you are in mood for.

No, Hungama not not free and user needs to Buy Hungama Gold to enjoy it's benifts.

Yes! You do need a data connection to stream online. However, if you’re a Gold subscriber, you can choose to download the Songs, Podcasts, TV shows and Movies when the internet is available and listen or watch later in offline mode.

Yes, you may skip the option to logging in to the app and use the content without sharing any email-id or Mobile number.

Hungama has legal rights to all the content it displays or avails to download to its customers. The creatives, digital music proprietors, and music producers along with Hungama reserve all the rights.

Hungama offers the latest and hottest content available on the entertainment circuit. You can find all your favorite Movies, Podcasts, Web Series, and Music all in one place. If you choose to pay you can enjoy ad-free music with unlimited downloads and Live Digital Concerts. In addition, the app also rewards you for completing certain actions in form of Hungama coins which you can later use to redeem digital and physical products.

Newly released movies will be available on Hungama.com as soon as Hungama acquire rights to digitally distribute the movie.

You will find Hungama in more than 190 countries today. It is the largest distributor, developer, aggregator and publisher of entertainment content in the world. You can access Hungama on any-network, any-device, and at any-place. Wherever you go we will be your entertainment partner! Hungama's portfolio covers a wide spectrum of services that have touched over a billion lives.