Turn the Screw Creator of Hell Burning Witches Live Burning Witches Metal Demons Creatures of the Night Secrets and Related Lies Metal Demons Live The Dark Companion Muted Rain The Right Escape We Eat Your Children The Modern Rage Jawbreaker Avec Tout Mon Amour Véronique Golgotha Black Widow Black Widow Live Icon Strive Se St. Pauli og Dø Head of a Pin Holy Diver Live House of Cards Empire Episteme Acoustic Save Me From the Inside Love Bloody Rose Rebellion Fejd The Deathlist Live Right Now Radio Edit Evil Force Hold Sway Over Motor Fucker This Is Not My World Black Violence Inside My Mind Lost in the City Munafikarma Illusion Suicide Solution Need of Darkness Feel My Touch Sangre The Creeping Silence You'll Bring My Soul Escape I'll Never Pretend Radio Edit Lake's Theme Layers I'll Never Pretend Metal Is Fire DRK Dark Angels Humanless Coffins Mercy Faith Uncertainty Dead Antitown When the Universe Spoke Bleeder Despoiler Arrival The Wolves Are Back in Town Medusa Witan You Aquiver Stålfågel Perish Needles and Kin Verkligheten Hell Bent The Nurturing Glance Full Moon Shoals The Ageless Whisper L.I.A.R. Io uccido Crimini Mai più Bonnie Once again Weiss Claustofobia Eden Gastown The Body of the Christ Is the Parasite Orphanrage Live at Sierra Dreams to Nightmares Live at Sierra The Girl with the Sad Eyes Live at Sierra Closure Live at Sierra Overture Live at Sierra The Myth Live at Sierra Storm Breaking Live at Sierra Mirror of Reality Live at Sierra A Strange Dream Live at Sierra
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