3 IN 1

3 IN 1

IMDb Rating NA
Season 15 Episodes
2021Adult Comedy80hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

Govardhan from remote village gets recruited in top MNC with merit ,looks for a house to reside,he gets a offer from his FB friend zoya, later he is coming to know where he is sharing house with kajal ...Read more

Languages: Tamil

Govardhan is coming to Bangalore for the first time. Everything he saw was amazing. the culture, the language, he got a job and went to the office but Accommodation was not provided By the concern so ...Read more

Govardhan wakes up girls are getting ready but he is very shocked to see getting ready without bathing no brushing just using the perfume and goggle with mouthwash with a lot of makeup these all lo ...Read more

Saturday Govardhan wakes up and he hears some sound outside he started walking from his room but surprised and shocked seeing the party in swimming pool. When Govardhan is not interested in party Pr ...Read more

Next morning Govardhan finds the girls again started their party but Govaradhan also join with them. While drinking Zoya and went to their room..So Govardhan is very angry for Zoya and Priya action ...Read more

At morning when Govardhan came to know that Kazal have succeeded for what she was planning . Kajal wakes up Govardhan is upset sitting on bed. Govardhan came to know about the past of priya and Z ...Read more