IMDb Rating 8
Season 18 Episodes
2021Drama145hr 00 min Season 18 Episodes

Mugdha and Mukul - A couple in a long distance relationship goes to Lonavala for a quick weekend getaway. But their plans are ruined as a national lockdown is announced and they are stuck with each ot ...Read more

Languages: Marathi

Mugdha (Parna Pethe) and Mukul (Siddharth Chandekar) are in a long distance relationship while living in Mumbai and Pune respectively. They decide to spend a weekend together in the privacy of a renta ...Read more

In a state of panic, Mugdha and Mukul attempt to travel back to their respective cities in order to reach home before the lockdown officially begins. Alas, they are stopped by the local police, who ha ...Read more

After the first few days of the couple have passed away in love and harmony, now a monotony has started to set in. They both are feeling the reality of spending too much time with each other. With the ...Read more

Mukul receives the devastating news of his childhood friend, suddenly passing away due to cancer. The isolation of the lockdown, the financial pressure of his restaurant going into losses, coupled wit ...Read more

While Mugdha is still recovering from the sudden proposal by Mukul, another incident hits the couple in their tracks. A local news reporter arrives to interview the couple stuck in Lonavala due to Cov ...Read more

With both Mukul and Mugdha’s real feelings about marriage and commitment out in the open, a clash of insecurities ensues. They fight and banter like they have never done before. While Mugdha associate ...Read more

The day after the big fight, Mugdha tells Mukul that their inability to deal with their issues with peaceful conversation has hurt them both. Hence, she decides that they must not speak to each other ...Read more

As they both begin to pack their bags, preparing to leave for their respective cities – the issue of marriage that is still hanging in the air continues to torture them both. Even though they have cal ...Read more