Bangkok Vampire

Bangkok Vampire

IMDb Rating NA
Season 116 Episodes
2019Drama757hr 00 min Season 116 Episodes

Shilpa, a vampire descendent, lost her sister mysteriously, coincidentally as other people in Bangkok disappeared one by one. She uses her psychic power to track down for her sister, joined by Nop, an ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

In This Episode Aman Join CBI Office as a Sketch Artist There he see Shilpa (Vampire) & fell attracted toward her later shilpa got indulge in a fight with vampire were Aman see her & come to know her ...Read more

In This Episode Aman Confronted Shilpa How she is alive in the sunlight & then Mr Dhanraj owner of cc corporation interview on his plans in research and Blood Development

In This Episode Shilpa Vampire & Aman went to writer house in search of a clue of her sister Rani, there she see a necklace in writer neck which belong to shilpa sister Rani

In This Episode Shilpa & Aman Went to a school There they see a small boy who is vampire but living as a boy secretly while following him They indulge in a fight meanwhile they joined by captain Ka ...Read more

In This Episode There is introduction of two brother who are News reporter & vampire they killed People & give false reporting about incident, for waiting a weak now shilpa team is ready to attack on ...Read more

In This Episode Aman is leaning toward shilpa & want to tell her feeling , Captain kabir decide they will work separately to reach their respective goal, later in the episode aman indulge in a fight w ...Read more

In This Episode After four of getting apart from each other shilpa & aman went to collect a data from a pub & Captain Kabir & captain Suzen plans to admit captain suzen in the Dhanraj hospital there t ...Read more

In This Episode Aman & shilpa reach to pub There they meet with Pari HR head in the search of her sister clue but there they come to know that vampire lady they are searching is she only ,they also c ...Read more

In This Episode they came to know Shilpa Sister Rani Case & Mr Dhanraj Blood Development Research are connected to each other Shilpa went to Krishna house to remove truth from it and she get her nex ...Read more

In This Episode Aman learning fighting Skill from shilpa to fight with vampire then while traning Aman asked shilpa about her past & story of her how she became vampire & her sister became far from ...Read more

In this Episode Shilpa Friend David from her Past went to Mr Dhanraj to asked for a chance to find shilpa sister Rani & killed her in the process if shilpa come in between he will kill her also, Shilp ...Read more

In this Episode while Fighting with Ajinkya Aman got shot by arrow while saving Shilpa in order to keep Aman alive shilpa make him vampire by giving her blood, while fighting in the parlour david is k ...Read more

In This Episode Aman & Shilpa went to a parlour again in search of clue there they find mac has a daughter then she tell her story how a doctor change her from vampire to human.

In This Episode Mr Dhanraj Call a meeting with a influential people to introduce his medicine which is make by cc corporation after taking this medicine human get more powerfull & does not affect from ...Read more

In this Episode Shilpa & team kidnapped Investigating chief officer to know the Dhanraj plans after getting all information on evil Dhanraj plan shilpa & team ready to fight.

In This Episode Mr Dhanraj plan is to make entire state vampire in order to control them, but it is failed by Shilpa team Aman changed the Dhanraj blood with Shilpa sister Rani blood which is Poison ...Read more

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