Bhoot Hoon Main

Bhoot Hoon Main

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2021Horror130hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

Bhoot Hoon Main is a horror comedy web series,where the comedy part is more than the horror part.

Languages: Hindi

Bhoot Hoon Main is a horror comedy web series,in the very first episode of this series we can see an interesting story of a character “Dhruv” who is in his marriage age but yet he doesn’t have any gir ...Read more

This is a horror comedy episode,start with dhruv and lalita explaining dhruv’s mother that there is nothing between them.

In this episode we can see bhoot is very angry on both tantrik baba and dhruv. But this is not a danger/scary ghots,it’s a stupid one,who ends up messing with dhruv.

This is where Hardik shares his story with Dhruv,here we come to know that once in 90’s Hardik was a B Grade adult movie actor,who thinks himself that he used to be a superstar of 90’s B Grade movie.

Dhruv's Mom Is shocked to see that Dhruv is in a relationship with a man but Dhruv discloses that the other man is bhoot.

Like the name suggest,the last wish,bhoot made some promises to lalitaand dhruv for their marriage. What happens next is the shocking yet full of comedy,with some hilarious punches and scenes,watch bh ...Read more

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