Black Blood

Black Blood

IMDb Rating NA
Season 13 Episodes
2021Horror27hr 00 min Season 13 Episodes

Kabeer, a 28 year old guy, got infected by a witch, gets converted into a vampire. His blood becomes black and he needs to refill his black blood, so he kills his girlfriends One after another. With a ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Kabeer, after being converted into a vampire, finds difficulties with red blood being around. He has to kill his new girlfriend, he invites her but fails to kill her.

He does the ritual on her, and waits for 13 days for her blood to convert into black blood. But the side effects of the ritual are visible, Annu starts to sleep and walk and it intensifies.

He kills Annu, Annu’s ghost is in the house. He invites his next girlfriend. Annu’s ghost finds a way to kill Kabeer.

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