Boys With Toys

Boys With Toys

IMDb Rating 8
Season 110 Episodes
2019Adult Comedy872hr 00 min Season 110 Episodes

Boys with Toys is a hilarious take on the lives of two young men, Aditya and Jignesh, and their misadventures with the people in their Society. They struggle to make a living in a small rented apartme ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Adi and Jiggy give up their jobs when they receive the news about Jiggy's inheritance from his distant dead uncle

Their excitement does not last long as Jiggy & Adi are shocked to find out that they have inherited something very unusual.

The boys manage to hide the toys in Maheks Apartment and Mahek's Grandmother comes across a pleasant shock.

The boys come up with a 'not so innovative' plan to sell the toys by sneaking pamphlets under the door of every flat in the society.

The boys start selling the toys under a pseudo name and find a way to anonymously deliver them to their customers.

Varun is leaving for Bangkok when Jiggy gives Tanushree a whacky idea to prevent him from cheating on her.

Varun returns happy and relaxed from Bangkok but Adi and Jiggy have a master plan to make some money off him.

Jiggy starts developing feelings for…a sex doll

Jiggy cannot find the love of his life and goes crazy trying to find her

Adi and Jiggy find a new place to hide the toys and all the men in the society are in for a 'hard time'