Casting Ouch

Casting Ouch

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2022Comedy106hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

This web series talks about the casting couch experience alongwith the frustration and struggling phase of newcome actors who somtimes take the shortcut approach to gain fame and money in entertainmen ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Nandita invites Sameer a struggling actor to her house, she tries to get intimate with Sameer to which Sameeer reluctantly agrees but their intimate meeting is interrupted by Sandeep, Nandita's live i ...Read more

Nandita plans to get intimate with Pritesh, at his flat, however she is unaware that Sameer plans to get her caught red handed with Pritesh and expose her in front of Sandeep

Nandita has got married to Sandeep, in turn of promise that Sandeep wont ever suspect her again, however Sandeep has a plan to keep an eye on Nandita's whereabouts. In the meanwhile, Pritesh and Chinm ...Read more

Nandita comes to know about Sandeep hiring a detective and she befriends Raghu and offers him more money for the audio clipping. Raghu wants to be a star and tries to impress Nandita. Nandita decides ...Read more

A chance meeting between Sameer and Chinmay happens which prompts Sameer to offer Chinmay a real life role to expose Nandita's true nature.Chinmay, happily seizes this opportunity to re enter Nandita' ...Read more

Pritesh moves out of Sameer's room and secures a new flat with the help of Nandita, Sameer decides to confront Nandita one last time and an unexpected guest arrives at Sandeep's house indicating fresh ...Read more

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