IMDb Rating NA
Season 15 Episodes
2022Drama112hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

Gaanv ho ya shehar, jila ho ya kasba inn galiyon mein yeh Luka chuppi saalo se chalti aa Rahi hai....Aur Mohabbat karne walo Ko koi bhi pakad Sakta hai unke maa baap, unka bhai, unke dost , kabhi kabh ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Amit’s misadventure with Kavita his fiancé ends up sending him for another adventure- to fetch her contraceptive pills. The problem is his well-known father Jeevan Lal because in this town or the neig ...Read more

Aastha’s pre-wedding honeymoon dreams are shattered when her fiancé Sanjay’s grand mother dies. They head back from an almost honeymoon to a certain funeral. Death, family war, ultimate friendship, al ...Read more

Sanjay, Sanjana and Anand face the wrath of gossip of a maid. Resulting in children coming out of the closet and fathers coming out of their hearts. For Anand and Sanjay it’s better caught then never. ...Read more

Anushka finds out a day before her Roka with Kartik that she is pregnant but what AnushkA was assuming to be a loving time spent with karthik on Holi wasn’t spent with Karthik. Anushka’s panic, memory ...Read more

A night which will be remembered forever because it changed a couples boring life into a beautiful bond. Where Satish never gave much deserved time to his wife she in a fit of an anger goes to a night ...Read more

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