Dirty Bollwood

Dirty Bollwood

IMDb Rating NA
Season 17 Episodes
2023Drama114hr 00 min Season 17 Episodes

Dirty Bollywood is an Indian, hindi language film with ensemble cast that shows struggles of a group of artists & a Film Director & their journey in Film Industry showing their personal life too, from ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Veer, Samrat, Akshay & Sanyam are struggling actors. Veer & Samrat are working in small projects where they rarely get seen off. Akshay is also trying his hand to get an audition but because of his fl ...Read more

Samrat & Sanyam argues with each other and Sanyam left the room because he hasn’t paid his share from the last 6 months. Samrat met and got selected for the lead role of the movie. Veer met with Janvi ...Read more

Sanyam met Happy, a transgender and both are fulfilling each other’s needs. Samrat is going through bad time, his mother calls him to be back. Reality of Rehana is revealed to Samrat. Janvi’s father c ...Read more

Megha insults Akshay and leave him on road. Furious and drunk Samrat argues and fights with Rehana. Rehana got Samrat arrested in the case of attempt to rape. All 3 boys manages to get Samrat out of t ...Read more

Veer’s film is shot and now Shyam Kapoor & Shukla is running pillar to post to get their film released but nobody is taking their movie because of unknown cast or asking for huge amount. Both argues a ...Read more

Mr. Khan refuses to release Shaym Kapoor’s movie as the date is clashing with renowned production house, Daksharj Production. Because of getting no distritutor for release, Shukla loses the hope and s ...Read more

Shyam called up Veer to notary office and give cheque of Rs.1 Crore to give it to Shukla. He also give power of attorney of the movie to Veer till the time Shyam is abroad. Veer gives the cheque to Sh ...Read more

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