Dumping Boyzz

Dumping Boyzz

IMDb Rating NA
Season 14 Episodes
2020Romantic71hr 00 min Season 14 Episodes

Chinki comes to Mumbai in search of job instead falls in love with her neighbour Sajan. Flirty Sajan seduces her and dumps her. Broken hearted Chinki takes revenge with her roomate Malika to finally d ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Sania after a fight with Sajan gets seduced by him. Malika is bathing when Chinki arrives at Mumbai to live with her. Malika goes to give her modelling audition. Chinki while looking through the balco ...Read more

Chinki again sees Sajan talking to someone. Malika suggests Chinki to become fit and glamorous. Tensed Meet is not getting the proper note in music. Aryan whose mood is off gets scolding from his boss ...Read more

In the house party, Sajan comes with Sania and other friends. Malika switches off the lights which helps Chinki to drag Sajan in a room. Chinki provokes Sajan to seduce her. In the morning, his friend ...Read more

Chinki is depressed. Malika asks her to move on in life but she insist to take revenge. Malika makes a fake call to Sajan and asks her to come. Malika meets Sajan and passes on a drug through her tong ...Read more