Ek Secret Crime

Ek Secret Crime

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2024Drama148hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

A backroad winds its way through the outskirts of the bustling metropolis. A group of carefree youngsters, full of life, gather at the backroad where they live without rules. But the story takes twist ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

A mysterious incident on a back road at night leaves a girl injured, setting the stage for four friends—Sachin, Niharika, Alfie, and Danish—to find themselves in a police station.

In the bustling city, characters grapple with life's complexities. Dr. Swati delves into groundbreaking research on drug addiction, introducing Shilpa to a close-knit group—Niharika, Danish, Alfie, an ...Read more

Alfie faces professional turmoil, triggering unexpected consequences. In a cold open, he reflects on past moments with Niharika, leading to a heartfelt poem with an unexpected twist. Meanwhile, Danish ...Read more

Shame Unfolds a web of corruption within the police force, with Rane's involvement in illicit activities coming to light. The protagonists—Sachin, Alfie, Niharika, and Danish—find themselves in a diff ...Read more

A flashback unfolds at Shilpa's house where Rane discovers her fallen from a window. While searching for a bag he left with her, Rane confronts the security guard Pandey, leading to a tense interrogat ...Read more

News of Shilpa's murder case dominates headlines, revealing the arrest of builder Amit Kukreja. In a flashback, Sachin and friends create a false alibi but remain uncertain about the truth

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