En Ethire Rendu Papa

En Ethire Rendu Papa

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2023Adult Comedy111hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

En Ethire Rendu Papa, an adult comedy, is the story of a young couple on a romantic staycation in a very unique bungalow. Things do get hot and steamy but not in a way they had imagined. Interruptions ...Read more

Languages: Tamil

Sonam will only be with a guy who is a virgin and Jith will do whatever it takes for him to have his first time with a girl. So when Sonam invites Jith to live together for a month to test their compa ...Read more

Jith is in a tough spot. He is desperate to get close to Sonam who is refusing to be impressed by any of his romantic gestures. Additionally the other mystery girl is playing her own tricks, very suc ...Read more

As if Monalisa alone wasn’t enough to create issues between Jith and Sonam, Monalisa's lover, another ghost comes into the picture. Things get really difficult for Jith when the ghost lover starts hit ...Read more

Things take a turn when Sonam confronts a local thug and also slaps him in broad daylight. Looking for revenge, the thug returns and kidnaps Sonam. Now Jith must turn to his friendly ghost Monalisa fo ...Read more

Once back at the mansion, the games continue. A desperate Jith tries all the tricks in the book with Sonam while Monalisa uses her sinister humour and supernatural abilities to foil his well laid plan ...Read more

Janga manages to trap Monalisa in a jar and warns Jith that if she ever manages to escape from the jar, it would be very difficult to control the demon again. What follows is a series of mishaps and ...Read more