First Night Sleep Tight

First Night Sleep Tight

IMDb Rating NA
Season 112 Episodes
2021Comedy624hr 00 min Season 112 Episodes

Bissu, a wrestler and Rekha from a small village in Uttar Pradesh have recently gotten married but they don’t know anything about that is to be done on the first night. A series of events where they a ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Bissu loses his mind to see a beautiful Rekha as his bride, but neither Bissu nor Rekha knows how to do it. A kamasutra book comes to their rescue.

As Bissu’s house is full of relatives, he comes up with a plan to have his first night at Rekha’s place.

Hearing about Bissu's tragedy, his old time friend Sattu takes charge of his problem. They come with a fool-proof plan and Bissu is on cloud 9!

The mix of Bissu’s excitement and fear lands him in jail. While Bissu is getting thrashed in jail, Rekha is being taken care of by Sattu back at the hotel.

With no other option, Bissu and Rekha secretly decide to leave for a honeymoon. But they have a surprise visitor just before leaving.

Everything is going according to the plan but Rekha keeps testing Bissu’s patience. Meanwhile the entire hotel knows why the couple is here.

To take care of the uninvited guest, Bissu calls sattu to his honeymoon. Bissu’s honeymoon is now not less than a family get together.

Bissu has no other option but to take Sattu’s mischievous advice. Bissu and Rekha spend their day in a lonely, dark and silent jungle.

Bissu is certain, Rekha has been possessed. Rekha tries her best but Bissu won’t come anywhere near her.

It’s time to go home and the first night has still not happened. A massive confusion erupts and both Rekha and Bissu are in dilemma. An old acquaintance comes to Bissu’s rescue while Rekha looks for w ...Read more

Sattu and his wife are now Bissu and Rekha’s new neighbours. Bissu is strangely attracted to sattu’s wife while Rekha is trying hard to seek her husband’s attention.

Surekha reveals that she wanted to get married to a wrestler, this revelation drives Bissu crazy. Meanwhile Sattu is getting too close with Rekha.

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