Game - Hindi

Game - Hindi

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2024Crime108hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

Professor Varma is a reputed personality who falls into a honey trap and gets blackmailed of getting exposed. He must go to all extent to salvage his reputation built over his life's work in teaching ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Professor Varma gets an anonymous call with a video clip showing him in bed with his home nurse Bindu.

Digging deep into the matter Prof. Varma finds that Bindu and her boyfriend Rahul are the ones who are blackmailing him. Parallelly a malicious world of human organ trafficking is introduced.

Prof. Varma is nominated for an award but he is more troubled about losing his public image. Siddhartha's love story on the other hand shows progress.

The professor is attacked in his house and the police is after Bindu & Rahul and Prof. Varma's death is staged. While on run, the couple unknowingly ask for help from a guy connected organ racket.

Professor Varma's daughter gets desperate and puts a reward for her dad's whereabout. Meanwhile after chasing a suspecious figure Siddhartha finds out that Professor Varma is alive.

The sequence of events favors the game plan when all those who were a threat to Prof. Varma becomes a target and gets eliminated one after another.

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