Gud Boy

Gud Boy

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2021Comedy110hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

Pranav Kulkarni (27) a young,handsome dance instructor,living in Mumbai is a total girl chaser who likes to sleep around with hot girls has a unique formula,“THE GUD BOY FORMULA”- spot the girl in the ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Pranav tells every girl in his dance class that he is a gay which helps him to go clos to every girl he likes. What happens when Pranav meets his college crush Shivani after many years and falls in lo ...Read more

Pranav is tensed what to do if Shivani comes to know if he is a gay. Shivani thinks that Pranav may have become a gay as she rejected him in college.

Pranav wants to come closer to shivani. But how? Meanwhile Shivaji's friend Ashish comes to know that Pranav is not a gay. 

Pranav goes out with Shivani on a romantic date but what happens when he tries to kiss Shivani and come close to her?

Shivani comes to know Pranav's lie. How Shivani will react when she gets to know that Pranav lied to her.

Shivani is getting engaged. Will Pranav be able to approach her and confess his love for Shivani?

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