Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

IMDb Rating NA
Season 18 Episodes
2020Drama192hr 00 min Season 18 Episodes

Happily Ever After tells the story of Avani and Roneet, from their millennial romance to their big, fat wedding which captures the behind the scenes madness of a wedding that everyone will relate to.  ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Voh pehli baar, jab voh mile, ho gaye shuru yeh silsele... From meeting for the first time to planning their wedding, this couple has had a whirlwind romance. Will Avni and Roneet pull off their big, ...Read more

Shaadi karne ka decision lena toh easy hai... The tough part is getting approvals from your insane friends and family! Parr abhi toh party shuru hui hai! There's a lot more craziness in store for Avni ...Read more

There's no day without night. There's no yin without yang. And there's no pyaar without takraar! How did Avani and Roneet bounce back from their infamous break?

Either go big or go home. Manny shares the wisdom and Roneet shares the recipe. Does this grand gesture bring home the love?

Emotions and budgets are very hard to control. And no one knows this better than Roneet and Avani! What does it take for Roneet to finally realise that he messed up and took Avani for granted?

Every end comes with a new beginning. Avani and Roneet's happily ever after is in for nasty surprise.

Expectations: Perfect proposal -- Grand wedding -- Happily Ever After. Reality: Total chaos, completely broke, crazy families and an exhausted and upset couple! Is this the end of Roneet and Avani's H ...Read more

Roneet and Avani have been through a crazy adventure while planning their wedding. Parr sawal abhi bhi vahi hai... Will they sail through? Yeh shaadi hogi ya nahin?

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