IMDb Rating NA
Season 15 Episodes
2022Drama130hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

Hasratein is an anthology which traces the lives of five real women who break the shackles of a male chauvinistic taboo to explore their sexuality and desire. To experience just a few moments true pas ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

A budding writer, a woman with a flair for writing, when did Purvi become subservient to her husband. Her writing was ridiculed by her famous writer husband,Saket. She was having to suffer physical a ...Read more

Pushpa was a widow since her 20s and is about to turn 50 now. She single-handedly raised her two daughters. Both were well settled, living with their husbands and respective family. All Pushpa had now ...Read more

Jyoti Is a girl from the upper cast family of Manesar, Haryana, studying in Delhi. She is in love with her fellow classmate, a bright but lower caste boy Raj and without taking her consent her family ...Read more

Aarti is the ideal Indian girl who goes by the rules, her life is from college to home and then being a dutiful daughter. But she has unspoken desires, which are fueled by the naughty talks of her fri ...Read more

She had dreamt of love, passion and care in her marriage, but all Karuna felt was used . Both emotionally and Physically with no care for her needs. Stifled in her marital home in Meerut, Karuna was c ...Read more

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