IMDb Rating NA
Season 110 Episodes
2020Romance208hr 00 min Season 110 Episodes

Love the glorious mess that you are! Introducing Isha Sanghvi and her Imperfect world. Watch her chase the perfect life while the universe has other plans, because perfect is sooo boring.

Languages: Hindi

Isha’s expectations: Perfect relationship, Perfect house, Perfect job, Perfect life. Isha’s reality: Break-up, Homeless, Jobless, Lifeless. When nothing goes your way, which way do you go?

A date with the college hottie and a job interview! Will Isha finally break free from the Imperfect curse that’s hit her or will she bomb one more time?

Meeting Simmy the "life coach" couldn't have come at a better time for Isha. And Simmy's first lesson to Isha - "Get Back In The Game!" But will the game treat Isha right?

Ingredients for modern dating: Back to back dates at the same place, a generous doze of your ex and a lot of drama! Served best at an Imperfect setting! Does Isha finally have a shot at romance?

Birthday month. Birthday week. BirthDAY. Reality check for Isha: It’s just another Imperfect day. Clearly, Isha’s birthday don’t always go according to plan. What’s in store for her this year?

A lavish party. A princess dress. A handsome prince. A dreamy proposal... Is this the beginning of Isha's fairy tale? Or is she in for another Imperfect surprise?

Isha 2.0 is here. Isha is set for a new beginning with a new job, a new boss and a new boy. Everything is coming together quite perfectly. Is Isha’s Imperfect life finally behind her?

You only get one chance to live life to the fullest. And Isha is not going to hold back anymore! Does Isha’s journey to perfection start now?

Just when it seems that Isha’s got it all under control, life throws her another curveball, throwing her her life into Imperfect disarray! Will Isha recover or is she in for another downward spiral?

Isha has been dreaming of her fairy tale ending for so long. But life isn't a fairy tale. And the only way to celebrate it, is to celebrate its imperfections. Because, perfect is SO boring!

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