Ishq Aur Desire

Ishq Aur Desire

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2023Erotic163hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

An innocent wife and a manipulative spouse. Nobody is who they say they are. Nobody. In this world full of lies and betrayal, where it’s each player for themselves. You either kill or be killed.

Languages: Hindi

A newly married Tapsee joins a renowned publication where she quietly observes a sexual affair between Arjun the Md of the company and Alisha her colleague. Taapsee sexually fantasises herself with Ar ...Read more

Taapsee is unable to resist her boss Arjun’s charm and they both start a sexual torrid affair. Arjun’s hot wife Chitra accuses Arjun of having multiple affairs. Chitra catches Arjun’s handicapped brot ...Read more

In a Flashback-We see Arjun murder Aditi. Taapsee gets blackmailed by Arjun’s driver Kanti as he her sex video. Chitra speaks with Arjuns business rival Esha and plans something dangerous to get rid o ...Read more

Taapsee is attacked by Chitra who thinks that Taapsee has murdered Arjun but suddenly a wounded Arjun tries to kill Chitra but Taapsee comes and kills him. As they decide to get rid of the body, they ...Read more

Taapsee and Sunny find a video confession of a vulnerable Chitra killing her own step father. Taapsee confesses of killing Bakshi to save herself from being exposed. Officer Rasika questions Chitra an ...Read more

As we reveal Arjun alive we see an orgy between Chitra, Alisha and Rasika and Arjun Explains how he was the mastermind to trap Taapsee for his personal gains where Chittra helped him trap Taapsee and ...Read more