Kota Files

Kota Files

IMDb Rating NA
Season 17 Episodes
2023Drama144hr 00 min Season 17 Episodes

A story about a young lad Veer Singh who accidentally walks on the path of crime from the age of 12. With growing age his interest also grows towards the wrong path and somehow circumstances force hi ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

Cops are giving third degree to Veer, a criminal, to enquire about the reason of killing Don Bala Firangi and his right hand Giriraj. Veer is on remand for 5 days. Kalpana, his wife comes to see veer ...Read more

One of the local criminal gang person stabbed another rivalry gang's leaders younger borther. Balram the elder brother injured young man takes revenge and killed the rivalry gang person. In revert, hi ...Read more

Giriraj is out of the jail and takes charges of all illegal works under Balram. Minister's goon and leader of gang Yuvraj's terror is all over Kota. Yuvraj killed a boy in a campus area, Veer saw the ...Read more

Veer express his love to Kalpana but she refuses to accept his love becaue of her dark past. Veer kills Bal Kishan and Kalpana saw this murder. Police is after her to share the info but she denies. R ...Read more

Yuvraj is killed by a rivalry gang. Veer comes to his funeral but police reaches there and catches Balli and enquires about Veer. Veer is escaping from police, kalpana helps him and gives shelter in h ...Read more

Rajasthan police is after Veer and he is escaping from them. Police enquires from Kalpana, his lady love about Veer but she refuses to have any connection with him. Police put Kalpana under house arre ...Read more

Veer surreder himself to police and Inspector Chandra Bhan gives assurity to Veer and Kalpana for his early bail and clearance from all the matters. Within 8 months Veer is transferred to another jail ...Read more

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