Love & Affairs

Love & Affairs

IMDb Rating NA
Season 15 Episodes
2023Romance89hr 00 min Season 15 Episodes

A marriage becomes a battlefield of love and doubt. Is it betrayal or baseless suspicion?

Languages: Hindi

Everyone is merry at Abhijit's birthday celebrations. But what seems to be bothering Roshni?

Roshni keeps her feelings of anguish hidden and acts like everything is normal. How long will she manage to keep it together?

Roshni is at her wit's end, tired of hiding her feelings. What will happen when she finally confronts her drunk husband?

The conversation between Abhijit and Roshni gets heated and a bitter truth is revealed. How will Abhijit react?

As reality hits Abhijit and Roshni, their relationship changes overnight. Will they part ways or will their love emerge a winner?

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