Love & Lovers

Love & Lovers

IMDb Rating NA
Season 18 Episodes
2024Drama514hr 00 min Season 18 Episodes

The story of Deniz and Baris' relationship in 10 years. The young couple who met in their mid 20's, until the day they divorced; a pursuasively relatable love story that’s sometimes sunny, cloudy, sto ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

The journey that started with a meeting full of adventure and passion in year 2011, somehow led to a day of divorce full of sadness and pain in 2021.

Tells about the year they fell madly in love with each other and blatantly hating each other.

Both ceremonies will be turning points in their lives. 2013 is the year they got married and 2019 is the year Deniz lost her father.

2014 was the year they lived the life they dreamed of having fun while 2018 was the year when responsibilities and realities slapped their faces.

A never-ending day and an endless night with the breaking points of their relationship. A tough day in 2015 and a night of horrors in 2017. Deniz and Baris bitterly confront the truths they hide from ...Read more

A "Soul" comes into their life. It is a bitter, sweet and painful year in which Deniz is pregnant. They both experience the purest, happiest and most intense emotions.

After the divorce, Barış tries to establish a new life. A new day is born for him.

After the divorce, Deniz tries to build a new life. She intends to break down the walls she has built for years.

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