Love Ka Panga - Emotion Ka Danga

Love Ka Panga - Emotion Ka Danga

IMDb Rating NA
Season 16 Episodes
2020Romance102hr 00 min Season 16 Episodes

A desi jaat boy (Sumit) from Haryana meets a sophisticated girl (Neha) from Delhi. The sparks begin to fly when these poles apart personalies cross path on a solo trip to Manali... no really... not th ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

When Neha met Sumit.

Neha sees Sumit as another despo from Delhi who is there to have sex and slaps him.

Sumit feel insluted and goes after Neha to take revenge but both get lost in jungle.

Neha has a change of heart after they were lost in the jungle. What really happened there?

Neha starts falling for Sumit,but Sumit plan to have sex with Neha after she gets drunk.

Sumit & Neha decide to propose each other but Sumit leaves Neha uninformed. As destiny would have it,they meet again after 4 months.

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