Mafia Diaries

Mafia Diaries

IMDb Rating NA
Season 14 Episodes
2023Crime74hr 00 min Season 14 Episodes

Mafia Diaries is a gripping web series based on true events, delving into the life of India's most notorious gangster. The series follows his rise from humble beginnings to becoming the kingpin of the ...Read more

Languages: Hindi

In Uttar Pradesh, notorious Mafia don Raju Kalia established a reign of terror, making even the police and administration tremble. His name alone sent shivers down spines, as he brazenly committed day ...Read more

Inspector took on the role of the groom, while a female constable posed as the bride, and other officers danced as part of the wedding entourage. Gaining entry to Kalia's heavily guarded residence, th ...Read more

Based on true events, Mafia don Mukhtar Ansari spent more than half his life in the world of crime. Standing over six feet tall, his mere presence made people clear the way. Mukhtar's journey to becom ...Read more

Mukhtar hailed from an influential landlord family, but his life took a decisive turn after a confrontation between his father and a formidable contractor, Sachidanand Rai. The clash escalated into a ...Read more

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